Turning Data and Information into Knowledge

At Advantis, our core focus is to ultimately help organizations increase their quality of service.  Every business provides a service, and the measurement of that service determines the future of every business.  We do this by analyzing the business data.  Never before has the production of information and data been as high as it is today.  Every day the sources of your business data grow and compound.  The answer to every question you ask of your business, can be found within all of you sources of business data.

How do you manage and make use of all that data within your business?  Are you collecting all of your data, or letting vast sources of information evaporate within your infrastructure.  Lost data, is lost intelligence.

The chances are when you ask questions about the performance of your business, you get answers that are focused on one section of the business.  You have tools throughout your business producing a wealth of data.  What is available today is the ability to bring all of these data sources together, and connect the dots like never before.

Your first objective in this journey of awareness, is to put all of your data and information, into one central location so that perpetual questions can be asked of that data.  From security to performance to customer sentiment, the more data and information you have, the more knowledgable you can become.

We have experience with technological architecture and design.  We understand how to communicate with the C Suite down to the technician so that the message and end goal is understood at all levels.  We provide the knowledge and training needed to help your teams meet the designated objectives.

We began as a two man team in 2001, and have grown to serve a broad group of enterprises and the public sector in the US and Canada. From the beginning we’ve developed long term relationships with our customers nurturing trust, reliability, and mutual loyalty. We’re there when you need us,  partnering with you to reach your objectives smoothly and effectively.

Advantis is here to help you maximize your business service effectiveness.

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