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Were you able to attend this year’s BMC Engage event in Orlando, Florida? It was a great event, showcasing BMC’s new look, logo “Bring IT To Life,” and technical initiatives for the near future. In case you weren’t able to attend, take a look at this great recap series of videos showing various aspects of the three-day event:

BMC Engage 2014 Recap Video

Morningstar Inc. Gets BMC “Cloud Innovator of The Year” Award While Working With Advantis

BMC honored Advantis Management Solutions with a personal invitation to this year’s BMC Engage event in Orlando, Florida. One of our BMC Software consulting professionals, Tod Paton, spoke along with one our 2014 clients, Graham VanSwearingen of Morningstar Inc. Their presentation (Session #153) focused on Morningstar’s monitoring objectives, obstacles and achievements involved with their Cloud Lifecycle Management (CLM) deployment and SaaS offering.

At the start of the BMC Engage event, we were pleased to learn that our work with Morningstar helped them to earn an award. Out of the thousands of BMC customers, Morningstar was selected to receive BMC’s Solution Innovators Award for Cloud Innovator of the Year.” Selecting a BMC Software Consulting firm can be a challenging endeavor. Morningstar worked with Advantis Management Solutions, and the results speak for themselves!

We know that when it comes to selecting a partner to help with your monitoring endeavors, you want references and you want to see past results. It is for those reasons that we decided to get the word out and let everyone know what working with Advantis can do for you.

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Advantis Helps Morningstar with Cloud Lifecycle Management

Morningstar’s business objective and mission is straightforward: Create cutting edge investment products that help their investors reach their financial goals.

Morningstar’s growth is driven, in part, by their practice of continually adopting new technologies and integrating them with their products and SaaS offerings. As a leading provider of independent investment research in North America, Europe, Australia & Asia, Morningstar stands out from their competition by being early adopters of cutting edge technology.  However, this created unique monitoring challenges for Morningstar.

Morningstar needed to be able to provide SaaS to their investment clients, while proactively managing the offering, ensuring high availability. They had to achieve the following:

  • Rationalize all the information coming from all of their systems and tie them to their services
  • Engage monitoring analytics of all monitored data
  • Decrease their SaaS response time latency
  • Manage workflows and engage automation Toolsets
  • Integrate their Cloud Lifecycle Management (CLM) monitoring with BMC Remedy ticketing systems
  • Create internal and external synthetic transactions to test key business services
  • Integrate their customized monitoring

The entire Morningstar CLM monitoring initiative needed to be built from the ground up. From base OS monitoring all the up through synthetic transactions testing various service related components.

BMC Software Consulting Advantis Morningstar CLM Monitoring


To go even further, Morningstar had an extensive need to pull in all of their customized monitoring into the BMC ProactiveNet (BPPM) fold. This information was critical in its involvement and determination of the business service availability.  Without it, there would be various monitoring gaps in their service models, and that couldn’t be allowed to happen.  The monitoring data had to be integrated.

Screenshot 2014-11-06 13.50.47

The monitoring solution involved BMC TMART to perform advanced synthetic transactions.  This would allow for testing internal and external transactions against mission critical components and notify in the event of transaction service degradation.  They used these transactions to monitor their CLM and Remedy infrastructure, and then brought that data into BPPM.

BMC Software Consulting Advantis CLM Transactions

BMC Software Consulting Advantis CLM Synthetic Transactions

They went even further by creating BMC TMART Remedy Transactions that ensured the availability of the IBRSD interface and the associated LDAP user and group authentication.

BMC Software Consulting Advantis Remedy Transactions

After having collaborated with Advantis on this, Morningstar learned some valuable lessons, Who you work with makes a big difference.

Screenshot 2014-11-06 13.51.53

What Morningstar Has to Say About Advantis and our BMC Software Consulting Services

Advantis is proud to have been involved with Morningstar and their monitoring endeavors.  It was an honor for us to have helped them to achieve their BMC Solution Innovator Award from BMC. How did Morningstar feel about working with Advantis’ BMC Software consulting services?

Morningstar Inc. Endorses Advantis BMC Software Consulting Professionals

BMC Software Consulting Endorsement

We couldn’t ask for a more ringing endorsement of our BMC Software Consulting Professionals.  Andrew Watts, the IT Director at Morningstar had even more to say, regarding their use of BMC software, and of their unique challenges.

BMC Software Consulting With Advantis at Morningstar 1

Let Advantis Help You Get Going And On The Path To Awards Of Your Own

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Advantis is here and ready to help you, like we did Morningstar, aim to be the next recipient of BMC’s Solution Innovation Award when they host BMC Engage in Las Vegas in 2015. Together, let’s get STARTED!

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