9.5 is GA!

As you may have heard, BMC Software’s flagship service assurance platform, BMC ProactiveNet Performance Management (BPPM) version 9.5, was released for General Availability (GA) on January 31st.

We’ve been working with BMC through the Beta program for 9.5 for the last few months, and I have to say, this is the most excited we’ve been about a new software version from BMC in all of our 14-year partnership.  Version 9.5 represents a major step forward toward providing customers with a single, enterprise class console for monitoring and managing your services.

If you have been holding off on adopting or migrating to BPPM, we feel that this is the release that will make that migration worthwhile.

So, what’s coming with the release of BPPM 9.5?  Take a look at some of these enhancements!

Monitoring Manageability, Usability and Reliability

  • Streaming monitoring data with real-time views – No more polling delays at the Integration Server
  • Improved data integrity between Patrol agents and the BPPM Server, including guaranteed delivery – No more missing data in graphs and charts!
  • Simplified, single port streaming of both event and metric data together
  • Fast Agent Failover between Integration Services with automatically resynchronized metrics and data.
  • Continuous communication between Agent and BPPM maintains agent synchronization and eliminates configuration drift
  • Raw Patrol parameter data (including data point annotations) are now visible from within BPPM graphs
  • Many more manageability improvements for faster, more reliable deployments.

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IBRSD and CMDB Integrations

  • Events are auto mapped to related monitoring instances with Service Model involvement for both computer and non-computer CIs
  • Console integration setup and configuration

Performance Improvements

  • Cost savings through reduced system resource requirements – Do more with less
  • Streamlined and reduced Oracle database structures, reducing the total Oracle footprint for very large infrastructures
  • Many improvements to code efficiency

Single Pane of Glass

  • Fully integrated console for all performance, impact and event management.  Everything from agent configuration to analytics can now be done through the main BPPM console.

Enhanced Reporting

  • Unified event and metric reporting universe for Business Objects
  • Added support for Microsoft SQL Server 2008 and 2012 databases


  • Simplified interaction and reduced installation times
  • Enhanced, informative install screens
  • Enhanced BPPM Central and Child/Leaf server installation

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