Big Data

Today, visualization improvements are vital to comprehending data volume, velocity and variety. It is the rapidly increasing amounts of data from multiple sources in different formats that makes these initiatives so complex. The road to transformation is


The amount of digital information created, replicated and consumed will grow to 40 trillion GB in 2020. Many organizations will experience a doubling in the volume of data across their enterprises every 24 months.” – IDC


Awareness and understanding of your current architecture, hosting platforms, supporting personnel structures and execution processes are imperative. Complexities can distort a true view of an organization’s capabilities and impact decision making, resulting in missed business opportunities.


Our approach to the Big Data transformation life-cycle is simple. Advantis has developed two service offerings to get you going on your path to Big Data.


You cannot refine what you have not defined.


Mapping out the big picture. Design the right solution to fit your needs.

Advantis Management Solutions can help guide you through visualization projects one byte at a time.