Enterprises at any given time tend to fall into one of three different categories—

  1. fighting for survival,
  2. maintaining competitiveness, and
  3. breaking away

this business context is a significant influence on the CIO’s priorities.”  Harvard Business Review

It was in this spirit, Advantis Management Solutions created a service offering specifically focused on Advanced Analytics. In this service, Advantis conducts a use case discovery session with you.  The data collected is used to gain clarity of the fine lines around an organizations’ non-negotiable priorities and negotiable business priorities . The value lies within knowing it is your data unique to your circumstances. An organization can immediately take action to correct their course.

Allowing the organization to identify and document existing workflows and data resources available for analytics… puts you back in the driver’s seat.

Direct Discovery

Create Linkages -> Establish Correlations in Events or Causation of Market Shifts -> Establish advanced Market Position with “what if” scenarios


ReplicateHuman behavior


Performance Tuning

The data collection yielded from this engagement identifies improvement opportunities. The engagement objective is to help boost performance based on established, current state workloads in order to accurately forecast growth.

Direct Discovery Evaluation of Scorecards, Dashboards, Heatmaps, Alerts, Management Reporting, Operations and Transactions Reporting are all enterprise example of data visualization outputs.
Interactive ModelingSpeed-of-Thought Analysis, What-if Analysis Forecasting, and Rapid Scenario Planning
ScorecardsPersonalized scorecards, Measure against goals, “At a Glance” information on Business Performance, Convey information in intuitive format
ReportingKey Performance Monitoring and Critical Success Factor monitoring, Service Level Dashboard views
Alerts, summarized views of day-to-day activities of the batch and raw data reporting