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BMC BPPM 9.5 now has Patrol Guaranteed Data Delivery!

BMC ProactiveNet Performance Management (BPPM)  9.5 was released in January, and it is an excellent upgrade to the 9.0 version.  We are excited about what this new software version will do, both for IT service assurance, and for our clients. The 9.5 performance management platform boasts many enhancements over the 9.0 version.

One major enhancement is “guaranteed data delivery”. Have you ever looked at your monitored data in an attempt to determine why there wasn’t an alert or event for a problem? When you did, you may have discovered something that has plagued many of our customers, the measurement data for the time period in question was missing due to a data gap.  If so, you know how important this enhancement is.  We monitor our systems and applications for one real purpose: to prevent outages, by proactively managing our enterprise of components.  To do that properly, our monitoring tools must supply a constant stream of monitoring data. However, through no fault of your own, there are times when the items you monitor and their associated data, don’t make it into BPPM.

Let’s look at it using an automotive analogy: your car has many sensors, all of which send data to the dashboard of your car, which you can then observe and monitor. If there’s a problem with your car, you should see the ‘check engine’ light come on and illuminate. What happens if one of those sensors fails to send the data? If you don’t see the ‘check engine’ light, for example, does it mean that the engine is functioning properly and normally? Of course not. It just means that you’re not aware of any issues associated with that sensor.  You’re blind to what it monitors, and susceptible to any outage with that component.

This is one reason why the BPPM 9.5 update is so exciting. BMC now guarantees data delivery within the ProactiveNet and the Patrol data collection integrations. Outages or connectivity disruptions can be caused by numerous issues, as you may well know. When they occur and disrupt the connection between the BPPM infrastructure and the Patrol Agents, the end result is the dreaded “data gap.”  Many of the root causes are related to the health of the Patrol agent itself.  This is why we developed the Advantis Agent Health KM which is a free download for subscribers.

As demonstrated in the video, I break the connection between the Patrol Agents and their BPPM server in a 9.0 and 9.5 environment. I leave that disruption in place for 20 minutes and re-establish it, to show the difference between the 9.0 and 9.5 infrastructures. In the 9.0 version, the data is simply gone, with no way to recover it. With 9.5, the Patrol Agent collected and buffered the data regardless of the lost connection with the BPPM server. And here’s the game changer: once the connection was restored, the Patrol Agent released the buffered data into BPPM, providing the complete 20-minute span of data, as if the connection was never lost.

Even if you’re running BPPM 9.0 or 8.6 and have no plans to update to the new 9.5 version in the future, Advantis can still show you how to ensure that your monitoring is acted upon as needed nonetheless. We use a best practice approach, combined with our years of hands-on knowledge with these tools, and some custom code we wrote, to ensure you get what you need with any version of BPPM.

Our primary goal is to take our expertise, combined with your needs, and craft a custom solution that works for you and your enterprise.

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