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 So Business Operations Run Smoothly …Without Surprises

Our services include:

  • SolidStart – This is a fixed price and fixed time project with limited scope that has real value to your organization. It can be an opportunity to take a small step before launching into a huge project, or it can stand on its own.
  • Health assessment  – A relatively low cost project that takes only about five days and will show you what tools you have that may need upgrading, and what may be needed to maintain smooth operations.
  • Upgrades – You staff for maintenance level day-to-day operations. However, when it’s time to upgrade, you may not have the necessary staff for the extra work load. That’s where we come in. Advantis can help. It’s what we do.  See blog post, “Upgrades to BPPM…Is it too late?”
  • Data and Event Integrations – These integrations are needed often for multiple reasons. Customers have a litany of tools that monitor and record measurements about the health of their environment and trigger responses. These integrations are designed to get all the information into one place so informed decisions can be made for the business.
  • BSM Healthcheck – A short term evaluation of business service management tools, and operations in your environment.
  • Service Modeling – helps you determine what will happen if something breaks down, if there is redundancy,  a single point of failure, and how the services can be monitored. Helps you understand the status of your business from an IT perspective in real time.
  • Other Professional Services – Advantis consultants draw from years of experience to provide whatever is needed in expertise for successful deployment of a solution. From architecting, to leading or managing, to designing new pathways and whatever the situation calls for, their seasoned expertise sets them apart. Find out how seamless and trouble-free a project can be.

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