Seeing the Light of the NEW Patrol Agent Event Management

 Introducing the New BMC BPPM Patrol Agent Event Management


Have you ever had to deal with large volumes of events coming from your Patrol Agent event streams, finding out that it was more a like a raging river instead of a calm stream?

What if we could show you how to implement a Patrol Agent Event Management solution that’s Simple, Centrally Located, and easy to implement?  A solution that deals with the source of the events, the Patrol Agent.

Recently, Advantis worked with a client who had installed BPPM 9.5.  They had upgraded and integrated their existing Patrol Agent infrastructure into the BPPM Suite.  Unfortunately they were struggling with of a major issue.  Using the new embedded Patrol Agent Event Integration they immediately discovered that their Patrol Agents were generating an enormous amount of events of various kinds.  To make matters worse, they didn’t have anyone that could write any event rules or engage in any type of high level event management.  They were drowning in an event flood and needed a simple Patrol Agent Event Management process.

The solution to their problem was simple, and found within the new BPPM Central Monitoring Administration Console (CMA).

With BPPM 9.5, you now have a  new solution that is simple, and centralized regardless of the number of event cells you have.  Using the new BPPM Central Monitoring Administration (CMA) Console, you are now able to setup very specific INCLUDE and/or EXCLUDE event filters using the CMA Filter Configuration Policy.  This is performed in one location, and doesn’t require touching all of your event cells, and the results actually takes effect on the Patrol Agent directly.

This is by far the easiest way available today, to immediately deal with your Patrol Agent event streams and block all those unwanted events from hundreds or even thousands of agents in minutes.

In this week’s webinar we’ll show you how we performed this event management task in a step by step procedure you can easily duplicate yourself in moments.

By the end of this webinar, you’ll be able to implement a new, simplified, Patrol Agent event management process and see that this solution doesn’t require any advanced event management language understanding, or duplication of effort across multiple systems or event cells.  To make it even better, it takes effect without having to stop and start any of your BPPM infrastructure components.  Turning your Patrol Agent Event stream into a tranquil and relaxing experience, just like it should be.

So spend a few minutes watching this weeks webinar and find out how you too can engage in the simplicity of the new BPPM CMA Event Filtering capabilities with your Patrol Agent infrastructure.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to let us know.  We would love to hear from you and get your BMC BPPM 9.5 Solution Design underway.

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