BMC BPPM Analytics and Absolute Thresholds

 Gauging Your Understanding of BMC BPPM Analytics


The one thing a performance management team must maintain with monitoring services is credibility. Losing credibility could mean the difference between a healthy relationship and a contentious one, with your clients. We have all experienced the never ending finger pointing sessions of “who did what and when”. And we all know these are not constructive for the business relationships, or service delivery. In today’s IT, monitoring thousands of devices and hundreds or thousands of parameters, you might be surprised to know a single component may be causing you more problems than it’s solving – Absolute Thresholds.

Relying solely on absolute thresholds is guaranteed to produce false alerts which solve nothing, and end up creating more problems and wasted time than anything else. With BMC’s TrueSight BPPM Analytics you have the ability to let the PAST Historical Performance of your valued monitoring parameters or Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) determine the “Baseline” for anomalies and normalcy.

In this video we will show you how to:

  • Explain what a KPI is and how to put them to use
  • Show how to Identify KPIs in BPPM
  • Explain the three core BPPM Baselines, and discuss how they can be used
  • Demystify Signature and Intelligent Thresholds, and give examples for their usage

Take the first step to get rid of those false alerts, and watch our video demonstration.

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