Use BPPM Analytics to Become a Monitoring Genius

 Start using BMC BPPM Analytics and become a real monitoring genius

Performance Management of your business services requires an ability to understand past behavior of all your key monitoring components. Do you know if your current alert thresholds are the result of a persons’ quick guess or assumption?  Does your monitoring repeatedly generate large amounts of false alerts, and you find yourself struggling to find a solution?

Once you understand how BMC’s BPPM Analytics works, using Signature Thresholds and Intelligent Thresholds, you’ll have just what you need to look like a monitoring genius.

Doing what you’ve done before, will not work for you, going forward

It was not long ago, when everyone had to rely on guesses or assumptions, for specifying alert thresholds. When enterprises consisted of very few devices, you could rely on an individual’s expert knowledge to guide you.  In most cases you might actually get most of the alert settings correct. The likelihood of having incorrect settings however was still likely, but with fewer devices to alert on it wasn’t a chronic problem. That simply is not the case any longer. Using the same approach today or tomorrow will quickly put you in the hot seat, and your monitoring reputation in jeopardy.

If your engine light comes while you’re driving over and over again without any issue found with your car, will you continue to trust it?  Of course not – why would you? The same is true with your businesses performance management monitoring. If you continuously alert incorrectly, causing your support teams to be notified falsely over and over again, the impression will be the same as a bogus check engine light. In a very short time everyone will lose faith in your monitoring.

Using BPPM Analytics to manage your Big Data

With enterprises today consisting of many thousands of devices, we are truly in the age of overwhelming Big Data. Managing that Big Data takes intelligence in an automated manner, working at the machine level. This is why you hear “Analytics” mentioned just as often as “Big Data”.

Luckily you don’t have to be an expert in the past behavior of the monitoring. Using BPPM, it is done for you automatically. BPPM’s Analytics capabilities, tied to Signature and Intelligent Thresholds have an out of the box (OOTB) capability to notify you about performance abnormalities that are associated with key monitoring components.

Start Using Signature Thresholds and Intelligent Thresholds

BPPM Analytics takes the raw monitoring data and uses it to form historical averages that are then used to establish a normal “Baseline” of operations. These baselines are then used with two types of new thresholds. The two new types are Signature Thresholds and Intelligent Thresholds. These words are thrown around allot, but if asked, could you explain what they are, or ask your team to implement them specifically?

If you said no, you aren’t alone. Advantis is here to help. We’ve found this to be very common in fact, and it’s why we are taking these steps. The good news is, since you’re here reading this, you are only a few minutes away from gaining an informed understanding of these items. We help managers, directors and executives understand these principles to allow them to make informed decisions around their monitoring. Time is precious, and this knowledge is even more valuable.

We recently put together a video demonstration to help you take the first steps to understand these new abilities. No sales pitch or confusing jargon. It’s all spelled out plainly and simply. After watching this presentation, if you still have questions, you’re one click away from answers.

Watch the video below to get started.  Then continue with updated links below.  Become a monitoring genius using BPPM Analytics, Signature and Intelligent Thresholds!

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